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The Arts

The Arts are a very wide range of human practices of creative expression, storytelling and cultural participation.  The arts include visual, literary and performing arts. 

At Finmere, our vision: ‘One family rooted in love, growing and enabling all to flourish', (Mark 4: 1-20) is intrinsically linked to everything we do. The arts play a key role in helping us to live up to our vision as they permeate through the school’s daily life, for example, supporting children to reset in a sensory circuit, using art to understand history, having music on to inspire writing and songs to help learn facts to name a few. We believe that giving children an opportunity to try new skills, including within the arts, as well as celebrating the whole child ensures that all children have an opportunity to flourish.

Click on Art and Music to find out more about these curriculums in detail. 

Information regarding the rest of the arts can be found on associated pages of our website.