Welcome to Finmere CofE Primary School and Preschool

Maple Class

The children in Maple class are Years 1 and 2.  In maple class we have lots of fun and we have a thirst for learning. We love challenging ourselves and working to the best of our abilities. We support each other when we find things tricky, but we know we can ask for help as we learn through our mistakes. We are all special and unique, as we have different talents, and we like sharing and supporting each other.


The Maple Team: Mrs Mariam Bibi, Mrs Kerri Hughes and Mrs Claire Back


 A note from the teacher: 

I fell in love with Finmere school on my first visit. I adored the school grounds and how the children were having fun outdoors. The children were laughing and playing with all age groups. All the children at this school look after each other like a big family. I was really impressed with this and thought I want to be part of this family. Every child is thoughtful, respectful, and kind towards their peers and staff. All the children and staff made me feel welcome and I could sense every child matters at this school and staff were committed on providing the best education for these children. The school had a positive atmosphere and I have been working here since September.

I am delighted to be teaching at Finmere school.

Mrs Bibi

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