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Finmere Church Of England Primary School

‘Challenging all to shine’


At Finmere Primary we believe that spiritual development is not necessarily religious but is a ‘concern to foster the growth of the human spirit’.  We consider that spiritual development is about helping children to develop academically but more importantly personally so that they become well rounded and ready to take their place in society fulfilled, happy, spiritually aware and socially and emotionally engaged.

We believe that spirituality is essential for personal happiness. No child is complete without spiritual engagement, be it through art, music, literature, nature etc. One of the ways spirituality can be expressed is through the awareness or understanding of the value of silence and reflection. We therefore actively provide opportunities for our children to reflect and give them time to think more deeply about things to fully appreciate the world around them and to consider the contribution they can make to it. 

It is often said that Spirituality will only happen when we are open and willing to go deeper.  At Finmere we try to develop spirituality by being creative and engaging, by enabling our pupils to connect with stories, by empowering our children to ask and respond to questions, by promoting play and creativity, by developing relationships, by providing a sense of belonging and by  the use of rituals and symbols.

To read our Spirituality Policy use the link below: 

Finmere C E Primary School Spirituality Policy

Schultuten Assembly September 2019

In September 2019 we welcomed Rev Alice into school with some of her helpers from church. Over the summer the ladies had been busy making Schultuten gifts for the new children and staff at school. Schultuten is a German tradition which strengthens links between the church and school. We were delighted to receive our gifts and look forward to continuing with this tradition at Finmere School.

Harvest Festival October 2019

In October at Finmere Church we held our Harvest Festival Service. Parents, relatives and friends joined us for the service.

We asked for donations of non-perishable goods e.g. tinned soup, tea, sugar, flour, rice (with long sell-by-dates).  All donated goods were sent to the charity 'Bicester Emergency Food Bank'. 



Remembrance Service at Finmere Church November 2019

This year, each child painted a poppy onto a pebble to lay around the Memorial at the Church, following a service with Families and friends.

Messy Church

In October, Messy Church came to Finmere School.  Rev. Alice and her team organised the event for the children and their families which included a number of craft activities, a time of worship and a delicious meal. The children learnt important messages about Community and Thankfulness. 


Festival of Light Prayer Week November 2019

During Prayer week, the children were asked to think about why we need light and what it would be like not to have any light in our lives. The children were able to think about the power of light and why candles are used in our collective worship.

Our learning focused on three different faiths: Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism and we considered the meaning of light as a part of festivals from each of these faiths: Advent for Christians, Hanukkah for Jews and Diwali for Hindus.

The children were reminded of the Christian nativity story, revisited the Hindu story of Rama & Sita and learnt why the story of the Maccabees is so important to Jews.

Each class was able to enjoy art and craft activities creating pieces of work to support the faith learning; making Christingles for Advent, diva lamps and Rangoli patterns for Diwali and menorah lamps for Hanukkah.

Easter Prayer Week



Easter Experience



















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