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Finmere Church Of England Primary School

‘Challenging all to shine’

The Wizard of Oz

Congratulations to everyone involved in this year's summer production of the Wizard of Oz.

The children were amazing; they remembered and delivered all of their lines so well and entertained us with wonderful performances.

 We loved the costumes, the set and the props and we were wowed by the wonderful singing.

Special recognition goes to our five Year 5 children: Ruby, Jake, Oscar, Grace, and William who played the lead roles of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and the Wizard - you were wonderful and we were very proud of you all. Thank you for being such fantastic role models to our younger pupils.

Thank you to parents and families for support again and a huge thank you to Mrs Batsford and her team for another. See photographs from the performance above.

Healthy Eating Week

 Week commencing 11 June was Healthy eating week as a part of this initiative we started the week with a Healthy Breakfast which was made by Friends of Finmere School Association.  We all enjoyed the delicious breakfast and what a calm and relaxed way to start our day.  See some photographs above.

Royal Wedding

To celebrate the wedding of HRH Prince Harry to Meghan Markle we invited all our pupils to dress up and enjoy a special day in school in May.  Children came to school dressed in their best party clothes fit for a wedding or dressed in red, white and blue to represent our British flag.  Children took part in learning focused around the royal family, the traditions of an historical event such as this, received a commemorative gift, and enjoyed an afternoon tea provided by staff.  There was also an opportunity for two pupils to be chosen as our Prince and Princess for the day!  See below for photographs from the day.

Atomic Tom

In March we were joined by Atomic Tom who delivered an amazing morning of science for the whole school.

Tom began by doing an assembly in which he showed us how to make a tornado with two bottles of water and demonstrated how air displaces water when you blow into in! Our experiment was to see who had the bigger lungs: Kaitlyn or Atomic Tom - let's just say, when Tom blew into the bottle of water lots of people got wet!

Then Willow class had their lesson with Tom focused on Food Chains. Tom led an exciting game where children played the parts of Plants, Consumers and Predators. It was very exciting to see who gathered enough 'energy' to survive.

Willow's second activity was sorting through earth and leaves to find and classify bones, skulls, teeth and jaws from small animals such as birds, shrews, mice and voles. The children worked really well using tweezers to find animal parts and then used the classification sheet to sort what they'd found. Do ask them to tell the disgusting fact they learnt about owl sick!

Redwood's learning was based around atoms and electricity. The session began rubbing balloons onto each other's hair to create a 'charge' so the balloon could make hair stand up, stick to hands or the classroom walls. 

Redwood's final experiments involved a Van de Graaff Generator which allowed all the children to gain an electricity grasp of how electricity is created and travels.

Do have a look on our website for some fantastic photos of children with 'charged' hairstyles!

Once again, a huge thank you to FOFSA for enabling such an exciting and inspiring learning experience for all our pupils.

James Carter Visit

James Carter is a children’s poet, guitarist and educational writer. He travels all over the UK and abroad (with his guitar, Keith) to visit schools, libraries and book festivals to give very lively poetry performances. 

He is a prize-winning published poet and (with many thanks to FOFSA) he came to FINMERE CE PRIMARY SCHOOL on Friday 17th November 2017

James worked with all the children in the school delivering assemblies and workshops to KS1 and KS2 and parents/carers were invited to join our assembly in the school hall to welcome James.

Please visit James’ website to find out more…

 A message we would like to share from the poet James Carter which we received after his visit:

As a children’s poet/work shopper I have visited over 1000 Primary schools all over the UK in the last 15 years. I will remember my morning at the wonderful Finmere Primary in November 2017 for a long time to come.

Teachers and children alike were congenial, warm and welcoming but also responsive and wholly creative. The children of this school really know how to listen, and respectfully too, and that is not a given in the modern age. Moreover they respond with enthusiasm, creativity and innovation - and this is manifest in the excellent poems that they created that morning.

I could not have visited a nicer, more caring and also dynamic community Primary school. The teachers were all fully committed to my visit, and were most active in my whole school poetry performance as well as the two writing workshops, and also took on board ideas I provided for developing the initial activities, in addition to other topic-based poetry ideas I suggested.

I sincerely hope that I will get to return soon to this terrific school.

 James Carter


Residential Visit to Abernant 2017

Redwood Class had an amazing week at Abernant Lake Residential Centre in September . We would like to share the morning and evening emails sent each day by Mrs Tucker to the parents of our redwood children to give you an overview of the visit.


We arrived to glorious sunshine and a lovely warm welcome from all the Abernant staff. First we had a tour of the grounds and then had some time unpacking in our rooms. Our first activity was bivouac building. The evening meal was either gammon & pineapple, chilli & rice or roast chicken with a variety of veg. Everybody ate really well with many of the boys choosing sprouts!!! Everyone enjoyed fruit or rice pudding for dessert too.  The evening activity is a scavenger hunt. Everyone is happy. 


Morning - All fine here. Everyone slept well and were up eager to start the day. We are all enjoying our first cooked breakfast and then we are off out to do orienteering this morning and then canoeing this afternoon.  Weather is a bit damp but we're all in good spirits.  Ruby said last night, 'I'm so proud of myself: we're such a good team.

Evening - super day! The children have just amazed us: challenging themselves to 'have a go' and being really confident and brave to achieve new things. This morning we did some compass work and an obstacle course and this afternoon we have been at the lake doing canoeing and kayaking!   The weather has been beautiful and fish goujons & chips for lunch was an unexpected treat (we thought we'd get a sandwich!)   We ended the afternoon with a swim in the (very, very cold) lake. Everyone is very happy.


Morning - We had a very restful evening. We enjoyed some circle time before bed when everyone shared how proud of themselves they are. They all enjoyed the canoeing so much and feel like it's a real achievement for them. Everyone slept well and are very happy this morning. We gathered together first thing to celebrate Grace's birthday. Today we have a Rope Course, Nature Trail and most exciting of all Archery!! The weather is dry and mild.

Evening - Today we have done a Low Rope course next to a field of sheep, den building in the woods, team games and archery. Although we've enjoyed it all, archery was definitely the favourite this afternoon, even though it rained. Today's hot lunch was pasta or BBQ chicken wings which lots of people enjoyed. We've sung Happy Birthday to Grace about 5 times and all shared her birthday cake at break. This evening we are abseiling. Everyone is still amazingly happy and still showing real determination to do well. Our Finmere manners have been recognised by the Centre instructors which is really lovely.


Morning - Another fantastic evening and a good night's sleep for everyone, the boys even had to be woken this morning. It's a bit damp but everyone is in such good spirits still. There were some great achievements at abseiling last night with 3 girls abseiling from the full height of the tower: Paige, Tessa and Kaitlyn! Amazing! We're off to do a nature hunt, raft building and stand-up paddle boarding today.

Evening - fantastic day! One of the best we've had this week. It has been glorious sunshine all day and the autumn colours in the Centre grounds look stunning with the mountains as the backdrop. We began the day with a Nature Trail learning about trees and wildlife and then had a bug hunt. This afternoon we went to the lake and enjoyed raft-building and stand-up paddle boarding. The children absolutely loved these sessions. It was fantastic to see them all aboard their raft (and then fall off one by one) and to watch each of them balance on their stand up boards. Hot lunch today was burger and chips and dinner this evening was pasta, meatballs or shepherds pie with apple crumble for dessert. We've just been blown away by the children's resilience and enthusiasm to have a go at everything. Thank you for allowing your children to come with us; every single one of them has shone and we are incredibly proud teachers.

What did the parents say?

"I am so happy that my son was able to participate in this experience.  His confidence has grown and it has done him the world of good.  Thank you".

"A really well organised trip.  Thank you for being such a wonderful team.  So pleased you were there for all of the children.  They all had fun!"

"It was well organised and my daughter had a fantastic experience within a nurturing environment".

"I would like to say a massive thank you for looking after my son and taking time away from your own families which must have been difficult.  Finmere School is really like a second family to our son. I felt he grew up during the week away which was lovely to see and also that bit of independence developing".

"I feel really grateful for our school and particularly the teachers who were willing to take our children away.  They all had a fabulous week and are bigger, better and more confident for it".

"Email communications during the trip were outstanding and we applaud Mrs Tucker and Mrs Chettle for this".



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